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Protective filter element of the ball reverse valve

Protective filter element of the ball reverse valve



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Filter element РР.300.350.286





Filter element РР.300.350.316





Equipment purpose:

The filter of the ball reverse valve is designed to protect the ball-seat valve pair from sludge falling from oil-well tubing on it.

Operation concept:

The reverse valve is installed on the outlet side of the pump. Oil-well tubing is attached upon the valve.

When the pump is turned on, pressure is rising under the ball and it rises from the seat, allowing fluid to pass through. The fluid flow passes through the holes of the discharge grill and takes effect on the filter, lifting it up. When the pump stops, the ball falls into the seat and prevents the reverse flow into the pump.

Driven by the spring filter falls on the discharge grill and prevents the deposition of solid particles in the area of ​​the valve pair. As a result, a leak-proof fit of the ball into the seat is provided, it prevents the turbine rotation of the centrifugal pump and protects the seat from abrasive wear by solid particles falling from the oil-well tubing.


- High reliability and efficiency;

- Self-cleaning of the protective element at start-up;

- Seamless well operation during automatic reclosing;

- Improving the reliability of the ESP and increasing the energy efficiency of the well-pump system;

- Reduction of the valve pair wear with a consequent increase in the flow rate of the downhole equipment.