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Suspended filter FPPR

Suspended filter FPPR
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Design 1

Production casing diameter, mm

Outside diameter, mm

Flowrate, m3/day

Fineness, mkm

Content of mechanical impurities, mg/l

Installation length, m

up to 140

Up to 116

10 – 9000


up to 3000

 1,6 to 21

Design 2


Suspended filter FPPR with filtration elements from Permeable matrix of pressed metal wire (PM) has been designed for application in bottom-hole pumps and sucker-rod screw pumps with nominal outputs 150...1000m3/day to prevent penetration of solids such as sand, proppant,etc.100-500 pm large into the pumping units.


• Enhanced reliability and effective operation of ESP units.

• Run life increase of bottom-hole pumps and sucker-rod screw pumps.

•  Modular structure of the filtration system based on PM.

•  Crevice effect of compressed wire mesh and ability of filtration elements to remain clear of solids.

• 1,5...2 times reduction in total filter length due to high porous surface of PM material and low hydraulic resistance of the filter as compared to slotted and screen filtration systems.

Long-term operation of bottom-hole pumps and sucker-rod screw pumps without output decrease.

Possibility to alter cutoff rating by force of controlled compression of filtration elements.

Insensitivity to shock loads and hole curvature due to elastic properties of PM.

• High corrosion and erosion resistance of filtration elements from PM material.

Ability of filtration elements to recover during servicing operations.


To prevent decrease of bottom-hole pump and sucker-rod screw pump flow rate due to filtration elements blinding bypass valves are utilized in the filter.

Ends of filtration elements made of stainless steel protect edges of filtration elements and make them rigid.

Symmetry of the filter makes its mounting easy and enables to use the whole length of the inner supporting tube of the filter (housing) as a slurry trap.

Mounting dimensions - the thread of the bare tube is of Ø73 according to Russian Standard GOST 633-80