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Filtration elements from PPM

Filtration elements from PPM
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Filtration elements from Permeable matrix of pressed metal wire (PM) are applied in filtration systems for filtration of liquid, gas and corrosive media from solids. Depending on the application the filtration elements can have cut off rating of 30...500pm. It is possible to manufacture filtration elements with another cut off rating.


• High resistance of the material of filtration elements to aggressive influence of operation environment.

• High temperature resistance (up to +800 °C depending on the applied material).

•  High erosion resistance of filters from PM making them a promising alternative to filtres produced by powder metallurgy or screen technology.

•  No scaling in the inner channels of filtration elements.

• High strength and insensitivity of the filtration elements to shock loads due to elastic properties of PM.

• Good ability of filtration elements to recover.

Low hydraulic resistance enables the reduction of the active area of the filtration system by 1,5...2 times when compared to other filtration systems, while filter efficiency remains the same.