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Reinforced cup seals

Reinforced cup seals
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They are used to equip a selective packer for hydraulic fracturing.


Thanks to the wire-permeable material (WPM) reinforced construction, the cup seals withstand repeated use while maintaining their sealing properties.

High-quality author's rubber compounds used in the production of cup cuffs make it possible to provide:

  • resistance to aggressive environments (solutions of acids and alkalis);
  • anti-friction properties, allowing to maintain the integrity of the cuff when lowering the equipment to the working depth;
  • wide operating temperature range.

The cup seals are made from low friction rubber compounds based on NBR, HNBR, FKM.

Performance characteristics:

• differential pressure of the medium up to 70 MPa;

• operating temperature up to +200°С;

• alkali resistance up to 25%;

• resistance to H2 S content up to 25%;

• resistance to explosive decompression.

New type cup seals have been field tested and recognized


Test environment: PMS-100;

Column inner diameter 99 mm;

Pressure step 5 MPa—30 s.

When reaching 70MPa, exposure time is 5 minutes;

Number of pressurization cycles -30.