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Name Rubber Drawing
Seat EYuTI.G390.144-R RS-26ch 1.png
Spacer PE-2489.00.013 RS-EPT 1.png
Leap seal by GOST 14896-84 - 1.png
Seal RR.031.011.117 RS-26ch 1.png
Rectangular cross-section ring 8VZh.214.990 RS-26ch, Аf-15, RS-3-1, Теr-10 1.png
Insert 180-34140069 RS-26ch, RS-26ch-5, RS-26ch-90 1.png
Seal RR.031.013.116 - 1.png
Valve seal The valve seal K7 is designed for mud pumps NBT 475, NBT 600, NBT 950 and UNBT 600. It is a co-design of Ream-RTI and Spetstekhnika, LLC (Izhevsk). 1.png
Piston seal for mud pump - 1.png
Seal ART - Уплотнения для превенторов.png
Seal ART - 1.png
Seal ART1.10.03.060 - 1.png
Seal 1МK - 1.png
Shock Dampers Shock Dampers RR.031.204.121 for shaft 2PB 92.00.004 Отбойник РР.031.204.121 на вал 2ПБ 92.00.004.png
Shock Dampers РР.031.204.148 for shaft 7/8” for seal section GZ.004 - 1.png