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Gas burner device

Gas burner device
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"REAM-RTI" LLC developed the design of the flameless combustion devices with infrared heating based on PM for the gas industrial boilers and household stove.

Infrared gas burner in comparison with the torches flare type:

• more cost effective, reducing 30-50% of gas consumption for the same heat power,

• more environmentally friendly, reducing by 10 times or more flue gas emission .

Infrared gas burners with the PM matrix are different from the ceramicmatrix by impact resistance, mechanical strength and elasticity, and do not have tendency to crack during the contact with the heated surface of the burner cold product.

The PM matrix is a volumetric three-dimensional structure which is formed by interweaving definitely oriented coiled wire as a result of sequential cold pressing in molds. This structure is permeable in all directions, the open-pore system with desired mechanical properties and low flow resistance.

The form of PM matrix presents curly channels of the slot variable cross-section between the adjacent wire coils. The gas-air mixture passing through the PM matrix has a flow minimum hydraulic resistance, and at the same time promotes intense mixing environments, and the maximum mixture homogenization. In addition, volumetric three-dimensional structure of the PM matrix has a large length of the pore channels. This increases the path and the time of passage of the gas-air mixture through the volume matrix, and therefore the time of the pre-fiery reac­tions, providing the best efficiency of combustion of gas-air mixture, and significant reduction in emissions of carbon monoxide.

Pre-surface combustion leads to relatively uniform heating of the surface of the metal matrix, while more than 80 % of the energy of combustion goes into radia­tion, which significantly increases the efficiency of a gas heater.

Intense heat from the flame front into a three-dimensional wire matrix (the effect of the heat wick) reduces combustion temperature and thereby significantly reduces emissions of nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere. According to test results in GOSNITI, it revealed a drastic reduction of toxicity offluegases (up to 10 times and more) when burners with volumetric three-dimensional matrix are used compared with traditional burners "open flame".

It is known that low toxicity of burning indicates the high quality pre-flame reactions and high efficiency of the combustion process in general. GNU GOSNITI tests showed that volumetric three-dimensional matrix burner devices have allowed to save up to 50% of the gas in comparison with traditional burners "the open flame" burners and flat IR- burning.

Thus, the replacement of gas heating units with traditional torchlight burners for gas burners based on permeable matrix of pressed metal wire (PM) - a sure way to substantial economic effect of operation of the heating units, primarily for reducing gas consumption and toxicity, insensitivity of burners to non-standard situations in everyday life.

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