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Vibration isolator made of PM materials

Due to a special combination of properties, Permeable matrix of pressed metal wire (PM material) is widely used as vibration isolators. These products are used both on vehicles of all types and in stationary installations.

Vibration isolators made of PM materials have a number of significant advantages over their rubber counterparts:

- more extended operating temperature range: from -60 to +800 ° C, while rubber has from -40 to + 150 ° C. In addition, the ability to work in vacuum and high radiation expands the scope vibration insulators from PM.

- PM material does not ageing (rubber becomes brittle and crumbles over time), so the service life of PM products can reach 20-30 years, and rubber products 3-5 years.

- vibration-absorbing, including dissipative (dissipative energy of vibrational processes), the ability of vibration insulators from PPM is 4 ... 5 times higher than that of rubber ones.

During 2008-2009. REAM-RTI, LLC jointly with one of the subsidiaries of Russian Railways JSC successfully completed work to reduce the level of vibrations of the VIP car raised floor in the operating frequency range of 8.16 Hz using specially developed PM dampers.

The use of a combination of PM dampers with different stiffness characteristics made it possible to achieve a vibration load level that does not exceed the level of sanitary standards. The special wagon has successfully passed certification tests.

The company "REAM-RTI" LLC also produces other vibration dampers used in shipbuilding (vibration isolation of main and auxiliary engines, motor generators), aviation, oil-producing equipment, industrial equipment.

Vibration isolator made of PM materials