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The REAM-RTI manufactures a variety of products from Permeable matrix of pressed metal wire (PM), including filtration elements and filters for cleaning liquid and gaseous media from solid particles.

The structure of Permeable matrix of pressed metal wire is purposely orient­ed wire spirals which form an open porosity system as a result of cold plastic deformation. The open porosity system provides all mechanical, physical and hydrodynamic parameters required.

The most important properties of PM materials are erosion resistance, strength, elasticity, damping ability and ability to recover.

The channel of the filtration element made from PM material is a slot of variable cross-section between adjacent wire loops. Due to the eye-like shape of the filtration ele­ment channels, it is virtual­ly impossible for solid particles to become lodged in the channel.

Laminar flow around the cylindrical section wire provides uniquely low hydraulic resistance of PM material. Low hydraulic resistance enables the reduction of the active area of the filtration system by 1,5...2 times when compared to other filtration systems, while filter efficiency remains the same.

High erosion resistance of filtration elements from PM material makes them a promising alternative to filters produced by powder metallurgy or screen technology, foam metal and screen filters.

Due to their high strength, elasticity, corrosion and erosion resistance filtration elements from compressed wire mesh can be refurbished and users can get up to 90 % recovery of the initial filtration capacity.

Filtration elements from Permeable matrix of pressed metal wire can be eas­ily adapted to Customer's requirements in terms of shape, dimensions and efficient filtration surface. They can also have desired cutoff rating. The material for filters is metal wire of the required grade (stainless steel, nickel, tungsten, aluminum, copper, brass, nichrome, molybdenum, etc.) and diameter (0,03...1,2 mm). The wire material is chosen depending on the technical requirements of particular application and cost-func­tionality ratio. E.g., stainless steel or nichrome provides aggres­sive chemical media filtration, in particular filtration of polymer­ic solutions at temperatures of up to +800 °C.

REAM-RTI is able to produce multilayer anisotropic filtra­tion elements of complex shapes, where the cutoff rating and wire material in each layer vary as required by the Customer.




Cylindric body flow-around picture

(Sadatoshi Taneda)