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Резиновые смеси для заливки статоров

Rubber compounds for filling stators

Rubber compounds for casting stators of screw pumps/downhole motors Since 1991, REAM-RTI LLC has been engaged in developments in the field of import substitution of high-quality rubber products. The company has developed a unique technology for the domestic industry for the production of rubber goods from "slippery" rubber, which are used for the manufacture of stators of screw pumps and downhole motors, radial and axial plain bearings. Specialized for screw pumps and downhole motors rubber compounds are author's, based on domestic rubbers. The surfaces of products made from such elastomeric compositions have increased wear and abrasive, chemical and thermal resistance, the ability to dry friction, which is very important for use in high pressure and high pressure motors under conditions of force contact of the working bodies. The REAM-RTI company has experience in successful import-substituting production and field testing of screw pumps and downhole motors stators (the operating time of which exceeded 400 days) with a lining made of elastomers with the following properties: - Resistance to the impact of well and process fluids: formation fluid, drilling fluids, etc.; -Maximum application temperature 180 °C; - Resistance to crack growth and explosive decompression; - High wear and fatigue resistance and chemical resistance.