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The company "REAM RTI"

Production of high performance components according to API, ASTM, ISO, Russian standards and customers' requirements from elastomers (technical rubber goods with high temperature/aggressive resistance, electrically conductive/dielectric properties, with low friction coefficient and ED resistance); from heat resistant polymer composites; from compressed wire mesh (filtration elements with ability to recover, dampers, particulate filters, well tube filters). PPS- and PEEK-based protective polymeric coatings with low scaling and resistance to abrasion and aggressive environment.
Design and production of high-performing units (pumps, compressors,assemblies and their components,
ESP motor piston seal sections, filters, process development of technical rubber goods,coating processing).  
The company has more than 60 patents for inventions and utility models.


The effective performance of REAM's products com­plies with the best alternative products in the world due to thorough control and manufacturing of orders from receipt of the order, considering its use, operating condi­tions and maintenance.
The result of our professionals' work is:
-          specialist elastomeric compounds, manufacturing techniques of elastomer products and commercial manu­facturing of elastomeric and polymeric products and prod­ucts from Permeable matrix of pressed metal wire;
-          application technologies of polymeric composit coatings with special properties;
-          cutting edge engineering developments;
-          quality testing techniques and technical specification for products;
safeguarding of intellectual property through patents (more than 60 patents for inventions and utility models) know-how" registrations.

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Компания ООО "РEАМ РТИ"