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Conducting laboratory tests

The company REAM-RTI has a laboratory for testing rubber compounds and rubber products,

The testing laboratory has a certificate of competence on the state of measurements in the laboratory and is equipped with modern equipment and measuring instruments to determine the full range of physicomechanical and physicochemical indicators of elastomeric compositions.

The laboratory personnel are highly qualified technologists and laboratory assistants, whose tasks are to conduct research and technological work aimed at mastering new equipment and technologies, improving the applied technological processes, developing new formulations of materials that provide the market with competitive products.

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Проведение лабораторных испытаний Проведение лабораторных испытаний
Elastic strength properties (strength, elongation, modulus 50, 100) GOST 262
Determination of hardness Shor А GOST 263
Determination of hardness Shor А GOST 267
Determination of density GOST 270
Elastic strength properties after aging (in air, in an aggressive liquid medium)

GOST 9.024

GOST 9.030

Elastic strain (in air, in an aggressive liquid medium)

GOST 9.029

GOST 9.070

Brittleness temperature limit GOST 7912
Elastic recovery frost resistance GOST 13808
Mooney viscosity GOST R 54552
Rheological properties GOST R 54547
Microhardness GOST 20403
Rebound resilience GOST 27110
Water absorption of polymer products GOST 4650
Explosive decompression NACE TM 0192-98
Surface and volume resistivity GOST 6433.2